Treasures of the Past -  timeless classics.

When family tradition meets the art of weaving.

When rug enthusiasts look for those attributes that characterise truly great knotted artistry – namely unadulterated tradition, beauty, aesthetics and the weavers’ emotions, which lend expression to a rug in a subtle, yet vital way – they simply cannot ignore Afghanistan. After all, here the art of rug knotting has been preserved in its original form. In villages and family settings, rugs are still knotted just as they have been for centuries. The “Oritop and James Opie Project” fi ts perfectly into the context traditional of Afghan society. Farmers and shepherds produce hand-spun wool, which is dyed with natural dyes. Centuries-old designs and colour combinations serve as the templates for these works of art. Although this side of Afghanistan may still be underrepresented in Western media, rug enthusiasts are deeply familiar with it as an inherent part of the country’s self-image. It is thus for good reason that experts still rank Afghanistan among the world’s leading rug nations.